The NYC run may be over, but the word is out!
"There simply aren’t enough good things to say about this production. It is exactly what every producer wants from a contemporary Shakespeare play: it’s fun, it’s unique and it’s universally accessible. There’s no reason whatsoever why this play shouldn’t be running long term Off-Broadway or even on Broadway. Producers and investors take note."
- JK Clarke

"Ms. Howard has a lovely voice, and so do many of the other cast members, right down to Kyle Sallee, whose Touchstone shares a delightful song with Bethany Taylor’s Audrey. Trevor McGinnis has a winning turn as Silvius, the sad-sack shepherd."
- Neil Genzlinger, NY Times

"These are talented and enthusiastic singer-dancer-musicians who've chosen to present an enchanting Bard song cycle within the context of a truncated script. It would be difficult to choose a favorite among the nine pieces (and several reprises), but there isn't a dud among them. Cheers to Phillips and company for showing how Shakespeare can be set to contemporary, folk-tinged music. Hey, Tyler, where's the CD? "
- David Finkle,

"Under The Greenwood Tree - The EP"
Six of the Greenwood tunes, performed by cast and crew members of the workshop production, are now available for download on Bandcamp for just $5.99. Preview below!

Life Is Most Jolly!
The Forest of Arden stretches its boughs, limbs, and vines across the East River this August as Phillstock Entertainment re-mounts "Under The Greenwood Tree" in Manhattan. We exceeded our fundraising goal of $8000 on Indie Go Go! We are currently updating our donor list below!

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